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Infinite Photo Journey
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Best of App Store 2016

With a consistent experience across mobile, web and desktop platform, Polarr's macOS and iOS version won best of Apple App Store in both 2015 and 2016.

Auto Enhance

By comparing millions of successful edits, Polarr suggests the best color and lighting adjustments for your photo.

Auto-enhancement with Polarr
200+ Crafted Filters

Apply subtle or drastic changes, save any edits as custom filters.

Dehaze and Denoise

Polarr's unique dehaze and denoise tools maintain clarity of your photo without creating artifacts.

Dehaze with Polarr
Expert Control

100+ effects and adjustments

Global Adjustment Tools

Skin Tone, Skin Smoothing, Face Shape, Eye Size, Nose Shape, Smile Control and More


Liquify, Warp, Bulge, Pinch, Remove Spot, Heal, Clone


Temperature, Tint, Vibrance, Saturation


Dehaze, Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Diffuse


Clarity, Sharpen, Color Denoise, Luminance Denoise


Vignette Amount, Feature, Highlights, Size, Roundness


Eight channel Hue, Saturation, Luminance


Master, Red, Green, Blue


Highlight, Shadow, Hue, Saturation for each channel


Lens distortion, Horitonal distortion, Vertical distortion


Fringing, Pixalate, Grain Amount, Grain Size


Flip X, Flip Y, Custom Crop, Straighten

You can learn about these terms in Polarr Wiki

Face Detection

Edit emotion with precise contours.

See it in action!

Selective Adjustment Tools
Circular Mask
Graident Mask
Color Mask
Comparing Free and Pro Version
Face Editing Tools
Liquify and Healing Tools
Global Adjustment Tools
Auto Enhancement
History Management
Touch Interface
Advanced Cropping
In App Guides
Watermark Tool
Customizable Themes
Basic Filters
Custom Filters
100+ Premium Filters
Radial Mask
Color Mask
Brush Mask
Gradient Mask
Text Tools
Denoise Tools
Batch Export Tools
Batch Resizing Tools
Batch Renaming Tools
Use Across Multiple Platforms
Photos Extension (macOS only)
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Who made Polarr?

Polarr was started in 2015 by two collage students who know how to code and love photography, and is currently developed by a small 10 person team located in San Jose, California.

When you pay for Polarr, think you just bought lunch for one of the hard-working Polarrians below so that they can continue implementing more features happily.

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