Polarr only support Windows 10

If you don't have Windows 10, you can use Polarr for Chrome, or Polarr for Web instead.

You will receive login information to the email you provided above after successful payment.
Your Polarr account is now activated for all features. If you don't have a Polarr account yet, we just sent you an email regarding account login. Contact support@polarr.co for any questions.
Auto Enhance

Polarr offers best-in-class smart enhance algorithms to quickly touchup your photo.

Auto-enhancement with Polarr
200+ crafted filters in 20 categories

Apply subtle or drastic changes, or use as a foundation for future edits.

Stunning Effects

Polarr's proprietary rendering engine produces light and color effects with astonishing speed and detail.

Dehaze with Polarr
Expert Control

100+ effects and adjustments


Skin Tone, Skin Smoothing, Face Shape, Eye Size, Nose Shape, Smile Control


Liquify, Warp, Bulge, Pinch, Remove Spot, Heal, Clone


Temperature, Tint, Vibrance, Saturation


Dehaze, Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Diffuse


Clarity, Sharpen, Color Denoise, Luminance Denoise


Vignette amount, Feature, Highlights, Size, Roundness


Eight channel Hue, Saturation, Luminance


Master and three channel Red, Green, Blue


Highlight, Shadow, Hue, Saturation for each channel


Lens distortion, Horitonal distortion, Vertical distortion


Fringing, Pixalate, Grain amount, Grain size


Flip X, Flip Y, Custom Crop, Straightening

Face Detection

Polarr detects faces to make adjustment easier (unavailable on Chrome)

Selective Masking

Text, Color, Radial, Gradient, Brush

Text Layers
Brush Tools
Color Mask
Blending Modes
Gradient Mask
Touch Pen Support
Skin / Face Editing
History Management
Radial Mask
One Account, Multiple Platforms

One time payment grants you permant access to Polarr

Comparing Free and Pro Version
Face Editing Tools
Liquify and Healing Tools
Global Adjustment Tools
Auto Enhancement
History Management
Touch Interface
Advanced Cropping
In App Guides
Watermark Tool
Customizable Themes
Basic Filters
Custom Filters
100+ Premium Filters
Radial Mask
Color Mask
Brush Mask
Gradient Mask
Text Tools
Denoise Tools
Batch Export Tools
Batch Resizing Tools
Batch Renaming Tools
Use Across Multiple Platforms
Photos extension (macOS only)
Buy Pro for $19.99

Prefer paying outside the App Store? Buy Polarr Web and use the same account to activate Pro in Polarr iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows Lite, macOS Lite.

Frequently Asked Questions
What's the minimum system requirement?

Polarr requires a later than 2015 desktop device with at least 4GB of RAM and 1GB VRAM. Using a less powerful GPU might cause unexpected photo rendering issues.

Does my purchase include future features?

Yes. In fact, Polarr introduces new features on monthly basis. In fact, that's where your money goes - to support our team to continuously improve the app. Polarr has a very small and slowly expanding team, which allows us to keep the price of the app low.

Will price increase in the future?

Yes. We plan to increase the price of one-time-purchase or consider subscription as the app becomes more powerful, but it won't affect anyone who already purchased the app. We grandfather all existing users to new upgrades and new features, so you won't need to pay for updates. Below is a history of major Polarr updates.

Jun 07 2017
New skin panel with expression and automatic facial feature adjustments, healing, clone tools. New liquidy tools and new color design.
Mar 22 2017
Apple Pencil support, 3D touch brushing and new brush tools. Watermak tools.
Jan 20 2017
All filters are playable and learnable now. Long tap filter to use.
Jan 07 2017
White color theme, better RAW support, and iPad split view.
Dec 22 2016
Ability to synchronize custom filters across accounts (PRO).
Nov 25 2016
Introducing text editing panel and advanced text controls.
Sep 30 2016
Improved denoise and dehaze tools.
Sep 15 2016
Introducing face editing tools with automatic face recognition.
Aug 30 2016
Step by step interactive guides to address common photo issues with more content added every month. New onboarding design.
Jun 25 2016
Batch exporting support.
Jun 10 2016
Brushing tool as a local adjustment and Apple Pencil support.
May 16 2016
Full resolution export is now supported up to 40MP.
May 05 2016
Added Unsplash filter collection, in collaboration with the Unsplash community. Reduced app size to under 30MB.
Apr 22 2016
Polarr now works with iOS Photos Extension.
Apr 16 2016
Lens blur tools for local adjustments. Color swatches for color toning. Coordinates for curve tools. Reflectable gradient adjustments for tilt-shift effect.
Apr 04 2016
New color toning tool. Coloring tool. Pixelate filter. Added ability to export and import filters as QR codes.
Mar 29 2016
Polarr iOS 2.0 released with new portrait mode, rearrangeable UI tools, new vignette, curves, cropping, and perspective tools. Users can now add multiple local adjustments and adjust the strength of each individual filters.
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I want to use Polarr both on my computer and phone, does my account works cross-device?

Yes. You pay once, and you can use your account to activate pro features in Polarr for other platforms up to five times. Refer to Polarr Software License for more details.

Can I share my account with someone else?

No. Your Polarr account is per person only, and you can activate up to five of your personal devices. If you need to activate pro features for more than five devices, please reach out to Polarr Support for bulk licensing. Refer to Polarr Software License for more details.

I previously unlocked individual filter packs or partial features through in-app-purchases on iOS, Android or Windows. Are those purchases transferrable to other platforms?

No. Only the "Unlock All" items in the in-app-purchases of Polarr iOS and Polarr Android, or a fully paid Polarr macOS or Polarr Windows purchase qualifies for activating your pro accounts on other platforms.

I found a bug, the app doesn't work.

If something is really bothering you, you can email Polarr Support. Polarr isn't perfect, and our team constantly monitors and fixes bugs.

Can I contribute to the app development?

Yes. The best way is to send your ideas to Polarr Support. And an even better way to help Polarr is to leave a review on the App Store as well as telling your friends to try out Polarr!

Powerful and modern photo editor for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

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Powerful and modern photo editor for Windows 7, 8, and 10.