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Pro photo editor designed for everyone.

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  • Pro ≠ Complicated

    Polarr is designed for both new and experienced photographers. Polarr's user interface allows you to navigate basic and advanced edits with ease, whether it is instant filters or sophisticated masking and local adjustments.

  • Feature Complete

    From text editing, skin retouching to film simulations and advanced denoise algorithms, Polarr packs all the essential photo editing tools in one package. The team behind Polarr constantly updates and patches the app.

“Sophisticated and high-quality editing tools” - Business Insider
Stunning effects
Polarr's proprietary image rendering engine executes light and color effects with astonishing speed and detail. Our advanced algorithms result in unparalleled treatments for your images. State-of-the-functions include diffuse, dehaze, clarity, sharpness, and targed HSL tools.
Dehaze with Polarr
Automatic enhancement
Improve your photos with a single click with Polarr’s new auto-enhance button. Automatic white balance, color correction and enhancement, and adjustment of highlights and shadows take your photos to the next level, instantly.
Auto-enhancement with Polarr
Global adjustment tools
Nine tool categories, over 40 core functionalities.

    Temperature, Tint, Vibrance, Saturation


    Dehaze, Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Diffuse


    Clarity, Sharpen, Color Denoise, Luminance Denoise


    Vignette amount, Feature, Highlights, Size, Roundness

  • HSL

    Eight channel Hue, Saturation, Luminance


    Master and three channel Red, Green, Blue


    Highlight, Shadow, Hue, Saturation for each channel


    Lens distortion, Horitonal distortion, Vertical distortion


    Fringing, Pixalate, Grain amount, Grain size

Local adjustment tools
Edit specific parts of your photo with circular or gradient adjustments.
Polarr Local Adjustment
Customizable workspace
Drag and drop tool icons to re-arrange, click icon to expand or hide panel.
No panel
Film Strip
Global Adjustment
Filter Panel
History Panel
Crop Panel
Circular Adjustment
Gradient Adjustment
100+ high quality filters in 12 categories
Each filter applies subtle and drastic changes, which can stand-alone, or be used as a foundation for future edits.
Text editing tools
Powerful font, and text blending tools with touch support.
Comparing free and paid (pro) version
The free version has unlimited trial with basic functionalities.
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Global detail tools
Global curve, hsl tools
Global toning tools
Global distortion tools
Global special effects
Auto enhancement
History management
Touch interface
Advanced cropping
In app guides
Watermark Tool
Customizable Themes
Basic filters
Custom filters
Premium filters
Radial mask
Color mask
Brush mask
Gradient mask
Text tools
Denoise tools
Batch export tools
Batch resizing tools
Batch renaming tools
Advanced design features
Polarr Photo Editor leaves no missing details.
  • Infinite history

    Infinite undo and redo. All your editing histories are tracked and reversible.

  • Watermark and batch export

    Export and rename your photos in batch with watermark, chosen quality and different sizes.

  • Advanced cropping

    Free crop, flip, tilt, and rotate tools that work with with batch export and custom filters.

  • Handle large JPEG and PNG

    Polarr's rendering engine can effeciently handle large JPEG and PNG images upto 40MP.

  • Keyboard controls

    Mouse and touch-friendly interface with keyboard shortcuts designed for productivity.

  • Before/After preview

    Instantly preview before-and-after during zooming and panning with keyboard or mouse.

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Powerful and modern design